Copiers Month-to-Month Why it Makes Sense.

I got a call today from an Office Manager from a midsize law firm. Andrea tells me “Our lease on our Copy Machines are up, and our vendor is pushing us to sign a new lease for 60 months.”  “So what is the problem” I asked her? “We plan on merging our lawfirm with another firm in about 1 year  time and we don’t feel like being stuck with 14 leases”. These are the kind of calls we get daily, and this is specifically why we built   I said to her, click on and select your copier, “Can I get the copiers for a year and then return it any time”, she asked?  Yup, absolutely, I responded. “Whats the catch? can’t be so simple”.  No catch, it’s that simple.  With Office Hero you are in full control, not us.    She thanked me, and said, “this is such old fashioned customer service I am not used to anymore.  It made my day.


Office Hero Disrupts Office Copier Industry by Doing Away with Long-Term Leases Company’s month to month office copier model is a far better fit with modern business requirements and allows upgrades, downgrades, or cancellation at any time, Office Hero reports

Office Hero Disrupts Office Copier Industry by Doing Away with Long-Term Leases
Company’s month to month office copier model is a far better fit with modern business requirements and allows upgrades, downgrades, or cancellation at any time, Office Hero reports


WEST HAVEN, Conn. — Even with so many businesses making heavy use of digital technology, few offices today can do without a copier. Unfortunately, some companies feel forced into signing lease agreements that can run for years, making for a notably poor fit with their needs.

Offering a wide range of highly capable Copiers on a month to month basis, Office Hero does away with this common problem. With clients able to return their Copy Machines at any time, flexibility and convenience replace the expensive long-term lock-in typical of the traditional options. The simple, self-service Office Hero website also makes it as easy as possible to get started.

“Leasing a copier has been the norm for the average company for far too long,” said Office Hero representative Brad Nelson. “That might appeal to some providers that lease equipment to others, but it by no means serves their clients well. Office Hero was founded to open up a better, more suitable option that puts customers first. Our month to month, self-service model is a perfect fit for what businesses today actually need from their copiers. With no long-term commitments involved, our clients can focus on what really matters instead of being locked in.”

With many modern office copiers and multi-function printers (MFP) costing ten thousand dollars or more to buy, leasing has long been the default choice for businesses in need of such equipment. Unfortunately, companies that lease out Office MFP and copier devices commonly insist on multi-year contract terms that bind their clients to costly obligations far into the future.

Since launching, Office Hero has been disrupting this unproductive status quo by putting its customers first. With a highly flexible month to month model that allows clients to return their copiers any time they wish, Office Hero enables a much better fit with the ways that businesses today actually use and rely on office equipment.

The self-service Office Hero website also makes it easy to get started with this superior way of obtaining an office copier or MFP. Site visitors can select from a wide range of top-quality copiers and accessories and then choose the most suitable subscription plan. With clients able to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time with no strings attached and guaranteed approval, Office Hero is 100 percent risk free and satisfaction is always guaranteed.

About Office Hero:
Enabling a better way to obtain a copier or multi-function printer, Office Hero offers month to month subscriptions with no lock-in, leases, or hassles.

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Brad Nelson
Office Hero
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Telephone: 844-410-4376




3 Dirty Secrets Copier Leasing Companies Don’t Want You to know.

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Top secret your copier salesman won’t tell you

The 3 Dirty Secrets Copier Leasing Companies
Don’t Want You to Know

Did you know there are over 3,700 lawsuits pending against copier companies? With over 80 years of collective experience in the copier industry, we at OfficeHero know all the industry’s dirty secrets. Here are three of the worst…

Dirty Secret # 1: When your copier breaks, you still have to pay

Leasing companies don’t care if your copier breaks down. That’s precisely why you make 2 payments: one to lease the copier and one for service (toner, maintenance, etc.). When the copier stops working, the lease company considers that separate from your lease payment, which you must continue paying – no matter what! (No, breaking your machine won’t break your lease.)

Dirty Secret #2: Upgrades are designed to keep you stuck in your lease forever

Copier tech is evolving faster than ever. So you want to upgrade? Leasing companies require you to pay off your current lease, while they tack on a new lease for the upgraded equipment. Now you’re stuck paying off old equipment, and your upgrade is losing value before you even start paying its long-term lease. Now you’re even more likely to need an upgrade before you’re done paying. This keeps you locked in an endless cycle of leasing rapidly aging equipment. (Another reason to rent, not lease.)

Dirty Secret #3: You could get blamed or fired for a bad deal

We’ve seen it happen. Employees sign off on a lease (a.k.a. a carefully worded bad deal). Then the ugly side of the lease shows its gruesome head. Perhaps they miss the narrow window of time where you must send a certified letter of your intent to cancel the lease… or they’re stuck paying for a broken or outdated copier. Someone needs to take the blame. Sometimes they get fired. Don’t let it be you!

No one ever got fired for recommending OfficeHero

Here’s why…

With OfficeHero, you don’t lease. You rent, month-to-month with zero commitment. Or choose a short 12 or 24-month term with bonus incentives. It’s your choice. You’re always in control with clear terms and pricing spelled out up-front (not buried deep inside tiny fine print).

If your copier breaks, we fix it, replace it or take it back. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time for any reason with no penalties.

With OfficeHero, you work with copier industry pros who are here to help you get the right copier with absolutely no risk on your part.


Want a great deal on a leading-edge copier? Want to save money without long-term, binding lease agreement hassles?

Here’s why a OfficeHero copier rental makes perfect sense:

> Stay in control with month-to-month terms that let you cancel, upgrade or downgrade any time without penalties. Or choose optional 12 or 24-month terms with bonus incentives.

> Transparent terms spelled out up-front, so you can find the right deal quickly and easily. (No ugly fine print.)

> Guaranteed approval. No time wasted.

Visit and choose the right copier for your company in a matter of clicks. Or call 1-844-420-4376 to talk with our savvy copier experts.

P.S. Don’t get suckered into a gruesome fine print of a copier LEASE, including long-term contracts…  inescapable payments (even if the copier breaks)… upgrades that extend the lease… hidden cancellation clauses… surprise auto-renewals… and more.

Try a risk-free rental at today.